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Leader's Voice

Mustahail bin Ahmed Al Mashani


Words from our Chairman

majan Travel serves as an encompassing travel solution, grounded in the principles of Discovery, Dedication, Devotion, and Excellence. Since 1989, we have played a significant role in advancing Oman’s travel and tourism sector, committed to revealing the unexplored splendor of our nation. From our modest origins, I have overseen our evolution into a formidable entity, driven by unwavering vision and unwavering effort. Presently, we are reaping the fruits of our perseverance. In an era of continual evolution, global transformations have reshaped every facet of existence, with particular dynamism evident in the corporate arena, now characterized by elevated skills and unyielding competition. Amidst these shifts, Oman’s growth has been unparalleled, attributable to the visionary policies and support of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq. Within this environment, majan Travel Group has thrived. As the new millennium unfolds, we extend sincere gratitude to our esteemed partners and steadfast patrons. Their resolute backing propels our accomplishments. With resolute determination, majan Travel Group will persist in upholding its reputation for excellence and quality throughout Oman. Success and integrity remain the cornerstones guiding us into the future. God willing, majan Travel Group will continue to uphold the name it has built, a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence in Oman. Success and integrity – our watchwords for the new millennium.

Salim bin Mustahail Al Mashani

Vice Chairman

Words from our Vice Chairman

majan Travel Group is in the midst of a dynamic phase, characterized by substantial progress. Our corporate structure has been meticulously realigned to effectively navigate the competitive business landscape. This momentum is the result of decisive actions underscored by innovation, all rooted in a profound understanding of our discerning clientele. This cohesive approach not only strengthens our foundation but also propels sustainable growth across the group. Our journey’s inception and evolution owe a debt of gratitude to the visionary leadership and unwavering support of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq. Our resolute dedication lies in the fulfillment of his vision for a progressive and contemporary nation. Furthermore, we recognize the unwavering commitment of our dedicated employees and the enduring trust of our customers. Their contributions have been pivotal to our success. With unyielding determination, the Group remains devoted to nurturing a promising future for Oman and its diverse stakeholders. Our strategic roadmap involves the judicious identification of opportunities, the embrace of sustainable business practices, the enhancement of customer experiences, and the continuous refinement of operational efficiencies. Through these concerted efforts, we aspire to perpetuate our upward trajectory.

Shahas Haneef

General manager

Words from our General Manager

In an age where smartphones and the omnipresence of the Internet offer instant information, the question arises: “Why should I use a travel agent?” This query is familiar to all of us at majan International Agencies Travel & Tourism, and it’s central to the purpose we serve. We’ve successfully conveyed the value of our work to our esteemed individual and corporate clients. They’ve come to realize the significance of a travel agent, someone who brings specialized expertise and firsthand experience. Our recognition is further underscored by the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, an international validation of our commitment to quality management and assurance. This standard reflects a global consensus on effective management practices, ensuring our organization consistently delivers products and services that align with customer quality expectations. At majan Travel Group, our endeavor is to provide optimal travel solutions within an aesthetically designed space enhanced with cutting-edge technology and amenities. Whether for Leisure or Business Travel, by Air or by Sea, to well-known or unexplored destinations, our adept team of travel professionals eliminates uncertainty from your travel planning, leaving you with memorable experiences. Representing top Airlines, Hotels, and Destinations worldwide, our unbiased approach is tailored to your specific needs. Our Ruwi headquarters offers a rewarding Holiday planning experience, while our 5 branches across the Sultanate are staffed with expert travel advisers attuned to your individual requirements. We are proud to extend our services to offer an unparalleled journey through a talented group of people in Dubai, UAE. If you’re yet to encounter the refined service of majan Travel Group, we invite you to grant us the opportunity to serve you.